Railway Board appoints IRSDC as nodal agency for Station Redevelopment Programme

The Railway Board has appointed the Indian Railway Station Development Corporation Limited (IRSDC) as the nodal agency for the Station Redevelopment Programme. The decision was taken following the

recommendations made by a three-member committee in its report submitted in November 2017. As per the report, IRSDC was recommended to be appointed as the nodal agency to ensure the smooth and expeditious implementation of the programme as the authority has shown noteworthy performance in handling model projects such as the redevelopment of the Habibganj, Surat and Gandhinagar stations. It was also suggested that the mode of implementation of new station redevelopment projects should be at the discretion of IRSDC while existing projects should also be brought within its ambit for monitoring purposes. Earlier, the Ministry of Railways (MoR) was using different models and arrangements for station redevelopment which resulted in the overlapping of work and decisions leading to chaos and tardy progress. With   IRSDC being appointed as the single nodal agency, the process will be expedited. Currently, the modalities have been worked out by the Railway Board and the company will be given power to ensure all execution works.