Building a Future
Performance of Indian contracting companies

February 2022

“Reinventing Construction – A Route to Higher Productivity”, published by McKinsey’s Global Institute in February 2017, presented facts about labour productivity in the construction industry. This article reflects the phenomenal growth prospects available for Indian […]

Big Hope
Construction growth key to economic recovery

August 2021

The government has often reiterated its focus on infrastructure development. The National Infrastructure Pipeline and the government’s target to make the country a $5 trillion economy by 2024 have created a range of opportunities in […]

Stepping Up

May 2021

The pace of tunnel construction in the country has accelerated in recent years, going by the growth in the number of tunnel construction projects involving greater tunnel lengths, especially in the most challenging topographical conditions. […]

Preventive Steps

September 2020

 G.Venkata Prasad, Director, Operations, Deep Foundations Institute of India  Utility shifting in transportation projects such as highways, railways and metro rail involves many challenges and requires efforts of multiple stakeholders. Invariably, this becomes a major […]

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