Covers the key trends, policy developments, current status of major projects, financing and issues in the ports and shipping sector of India .
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Major Role to Play

April 2018

The past few years have seen a surge in competition between the major and non-major ports. The port sector is gradually moving away from the monopolistic market model to a more competitive one. The non-major […]

Gearing up to improve port-rail links

December 2017

Evacuation is one of the biggest challenges being faced by Indian ports today. Though all major ports have double-line connectivity, routes to key destinations are congested. In order to execute last-mile rail connectivity projects and […]

Recent Developments
Progress across the maritime chain

August 2017

The past year was marked by key developments across the entire maritime chain – ports, shipping, shipbuilding, shipbreaking, coastal shipping and inland water transport (IWT). Progress was documented in the completion and award of key […]

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