Technical Paper on Carbon Footprint of Thrust Block

May 2022

Introduction Hydraulic thrust forces are created due to change of direction, reduction in diameter, and at the end of pipelines under pressure during operation, which may cause joint separation if anchor blocks or anchoring devices […]

Water and Circular Economy

May 2021

Natural resources, including materials, water, energy and fertile soil, are the basis for sustaining society. However, the activities of the large and growing human population are rapidly eroding many of the world’s natural resources, while […]

Smart Cities
New-age urbanisation

May 2021

Rohit Purushottam, VP – Enterprise Sales, D-Link (India) Limited In recent times, smart city has become a buzzword owing to the ambitious reform policies of governments concerning infrastructure development in the country.  Developing a smart […]

Views of Parag Chheda
“The COVID-led lockdown has had a major impact on the economy at large but our strategy of “winning in many Indias” continues to be effective. Our distribution network spread across urban, Tier 2,and Tier 3 cities, as well as rural India has been a major reason for success even during COVID times."

July 2020

In an interview with Indian Infrastructure Parag Chheda, Executive Director, Prince Pipes and Fittings Limited talks about the company’s product portfolio, new products and offerings, impact of Covid-19 on business operations, and strategies to deal […]

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