High on Adaptability

February 2022

With the entry of new technology, ma­terials and processes in the Indian construction industry, geosynthetics is gaining traction as a construction material across a wide range of civil engineering fields. One of the main reasons […]

Technology Focus
Advances in the geosynthetics space

February 2022

The Indian market for geosynthetics is evolving gradually with the emergence of new products and technologies. Intensify­ing competition has meant that a wider selection of geosynthetic products is available, inclu­ding thermally bonded non-woven geotextiles. Geosynthetics […]

Modern Materials
Geosynthetic products and their uses

February 2022

Geosynthetics have a wide range of applications. Almost every large-scale infrastructure project requires some degree of geosynthetic material. As a result, geosynthetics represent a distinct class of products. Modern materials such as geosynthetics guarantee the […]

Upward Trend
Geosynthetics industry poised for growth

February 2021

Geosynthetics have gained traction in recent years as land has become expensive in India. They can enable the build of lean, yet safe, long-lasting and environment-friendly structures. Geosynthetics significantly reduce capital and maintenance costs and […]


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