Getzner Werkstoffe offers elastic solutions for use in railway superstructure

One of the main problems associated with rail transport is the vibrations that are transferred from the track superstructure to the surrounding area. Another major concern is the high cost of maintenance work that has to be carried out to avoid wear and tear caused by insufficient elasticity within the track. Getzner Werkstoffe, one of the leading players in the field of vibration protection, has developed highly elastic polyurethane products and solutions to isolate such vibrations, introducing greater elasticity into the railway superstructure and significantly reducing the cost of maintenance.

Developed by Getzner’s own researchers, these products, including sleeper pads, under-ballast mats and mass-spring systems, are designed to cope with all axle loads and speeds. Sleeper pads made from Sylomer® and Sylodyn® provide protection from vibrations and help conserve the ballast. They increase the size of the contact area and have a load-distributing effect that reduces the stress between the ballast and the sleeper and hence minimises settlement. Under-ballast mats made from Sylomer® and Sylodyn® provide a high degree of track elasticity. In addition, they also exhibit extremely high dynamic effectiveness. The installation of under-ballast mats is the ideal solution in areas with very high subsoil stiffness, for example on bridges or in tunnels. Mass-spring systems provide effective protection against vibrations and noise for people living near railway lines. The systems are used wherever protection against disruptive vibrations is the priority.

The metro and railway projects that have deployed Getzner Werkstoffe’s vibration protection products include Delhi Metro, Phase III, Bangalore Metro, Mumbai Metro, Line 1, Kochi Metro and the Banihal railway tunnel.