Prevalent Technologies
Update on DBM and NATM

June 2019

Tunnel construction is critically dependent on geotechnical investigations, as these offer the best inputs for identifying the most efficient technique to be deployed for tunnel excavation. Another factor that determines the choice between mechanised and […]

Sector-wise Opportunities

June 2019

With the increased focus on infrastructure development, tunnel construction in the country has picked up pace in recent years. Tunnels play an important role in setting up hydropower projects, developing urban mass rapid transit systems, […]

Need of the Hour

May 2018

India is one of the fastest growing markets for tunnel construction. With infrastructure development at the forefront, there is great scope for tunnelling in the country, especially for developing urban infrastructure, underground rail and road […]

New Materials
Potential for microfine cement in tunneling

May 2018

The different types of materials used in tunnel construction include explosives, concrete, steel, shotcrete material, lattice girders, geomembranes, rock bolts/anchors, admixtures, fibres and rock reinforcement. The demand for a particular type of material depends on […]

Bright Prospects
Key trends and outlook

June 2017

Tunnel development in India has accelerated over the past decade or so. This is driven by increased investments in the hydropower, railway, road and highway, metro rail, and water and sewerage sectors. According to India […]

Evolving Methods
Tunnel construction techniques in use

June 2017

Mechanised techniques are gradually replacing traditional or non-mechanised methods of tunnel construction in the country. Advanced, technology-driven, efficient and cost-effective methods of tunnelling are being deployed in almost all infrastructure sectors. However, despite the advances […]

Material Selection
Improved inputs for tunnel construction

June 2017

Materials used in tunnel construction vary significantly with the type of tunnelling method or technique deployed. Generally, non-mechanised techniques such as drill-and-blast entail a higher material cost as compared to mechanised techniques. The different types […]

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