Funding Uptick
Bright road ahead for infrastructure financing

December 2021

Infrastructure financing has received a fresh lease of life with the government’s National Infrastructure Pipeline (NIP) initiative and its asset monetisation drive. Taking cognisance of the importance of patient capital for infrastructure projects, the government […]

Up to Speed
Trends and outlook for the railway sector

December 2021

The railway sector has been registering high growth rates over the past few years. While infrastructure creation has been at an all-time high, new ways of improving operati­onal efficiency and passenger experience have also been […]

Threat Landscape
Securing the 5G environment

December 2021

The next generation of wireless technology, 5G is more than just an incremental improvement in cellular networks. It holds the potential to be up to 100 times faster than 4G and offer ultra-reliable low latency […]

Waste Management
O&M of sewage treatment plants

December 2021

India has come a long way in the past de­ca­de as far as treatment of sewage is co­ncer­ned. The country has undertaken vari­ous initiatives and has established over 1,000 sewage tr­eat­ment plants (STPs). The construction […]

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