Xylem launches its new Wedeco iDuron disinfection system in India

A global water technology company, Xylem Inc. has announced the launch of its new Wedeco iDuron ultra-violet (UV) disinfection system in India. The custom-designed modular open channel UV system is based on Xylem’s proven Wedeco Duron system and has the same capacity of inactivating 99.99 per cent of the pathogens found in wastewater.

UV is highly effective at eliminating protozoa, a source of pollution in waterways and a cause of water-borne illnesses. UV disinfection also offers other important benefits, including improving water quality because it does not change the chemical make-up of the water by undesired disinfection by-products or alter its taste and odour. UV disinfection systems also provide significant advantages over chemical-based treatment systems in terms of cost savings, operational safety, footprint and speed, as they do not require costly transport and storage procedures, and only require a short contact time with the water to achieve adequate disinfection.

Manufactured in India, the Wedeco iDuron Solution helps improve energy use through its advanced patented Ecoray lamp and ballast technology, which gives a higher relative UV-C output than conventional UV lamps and with fewer lamps required. iDuron is equipped with a control system that monitors flow, UV transmittance and UV intensity in real time to continuously adjust the output based on actual need. Moreover, handling and installation of the iDuron is easy and cost-efficient, thanks to its short lamp length and the system’s 45° inclination, which allows for a smaller channel depth and small footprint.

The UV treatment systems have the potential to deliver significant health and economic benefits by reducing contamination of water supplies and instances of water-borne diseases. The iDuron is also cost-efficient due to its advanced intelligent control system, which allows operators to adjust energy consumption as required.

The Wedeco iDuron UV disinfection system is designed for new plant installations or retrofits into existing chlorine contact channels in mid-size to large wastewater treatment plants. Manufactured in Bengaluru, the iDuron is available to customers across the country and fully supported by Xylem’s regional engineering team for installation and service.

The iDuron is approved by third parties to meet the wastewater discharge requirements of India and the Asian region according to international validation protocols for wastewater and water reuse, including the US EPA UV Disinfection Guidance Manual, the International Ultraviolet Association, and the National Water Research Institute.


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