Slow and Steady
Increase in use of geosynthetics

April 2020

The geosynthetics market has been showing considerable growth in the past few decades. Increasing investments in infrastructure along with rising construction activity and urbanisation levels have been driving the demand for geosynthetics. Geosynthetics have played […]

Growing Acceptance

April 2020

The use of geosynthetics in the country’s infrastructure sector is growing steadily. Among these, geotextiles, geogrids and geomembranes are the three most commonly used products in terms of volume and value. With regard to their […]

Diverse Uses

April 2018

Geosynthetics find applications across most, if not all, infrastructure sectors. They have several advantages over traditional materials such as comparatively lower land requirement, safer design and additional structural strength. They also have an aesthetically pleasing appearance […]

Diverse Uses
Types of geosynthetic products

April 2016

Geosynthetics are man-made synthetic materials, where at least one of the components is made from a synthetic or natural polymer in the form of a sheet, a strip or a three-dimensional structure (woven, non-woven or woven). […]


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