Ups and Downs
Key minerals witness mixed performance

March 2018

Minerals such as coal, lignite, bauxite, iron ore, copper ores and concentrates, lead ores and concentrates, and zinc ores and concentrates are directly or indirectly used in several infrastructure sectors. Among the major minerals, coal, […]

Growth Revives
Snapshot of the mining sector

March 2017

The mining sector is one of the major contributors to economic growth. The country is well endowed with minerals, and these serve as raw materials for several sectors such as power, iron and steel, fertiliser […]

Varied Outcomes
Trends and practices in mining

March 2017

The mining sector has witnessed significant activity in the past few years. The production of key minerals and ores has increased since 2011-12 leading to greater self-sufficiency. While policy changes have been introduced to encourage […]

Picking Up Pace
Production performance of key minerals

March 2017

Minerals such as coal, lignite, bauxite, iron ore, and other select metallic and non-metallic minerals are vital inputs for several infrastructure sectors. In terms of production, all the minerals except lignite and zinc concentrate registered […]

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