Trial run for Pilloor water supply scheme phase III begins

The trial run for the Pilloor water supply scheme phase III commenced on October 28, 2023. Currently, the trial run for part 1 has commenced which includes raw water storage tanks and water pumping stations. The entire project is likely to be completed by December 2023 and commissioned by January 2024. The project involves providing improved water supply from the Bhavani river to newly added areas of Coimbatore Corporation. It involves the design and construction of a water treatment plant of 174 mld capacity with the source of water from the Bhavani river and 90.76 km of a tunnel across the Kattan hills for raw water main from Bhavani river to the WTP within one year of free maintenance on design, build, operate basis. The project is expected to be funded by the Asian Development Bank and entails an investment of Rs 7.79 billion.