DP World unveils state-of-the-art warehouse facility in Bhiwandi

DP World, a global leader in smart end-to-end logistics, has launched its state-of-the-art 380,000 square feet warehouse in Bhiwandi in Ma­ha­rashtra’s Thane district. The facility is fully compliant for the storage and handling of che­micals and non-chemicals, and has com­m­e­n­ced operations effective September 1, 2023. This new facility elevates DP World’s warehousing capability to more than 5 million sq. ft of warehousing space across India.

A partition divides the entire warehouse in­to two sections. One spans 190,000 square feet and is specially designed for hazardous chemical storage, complete with heavy-duty G+8 level racking and state-of-the-art very early smoke detection apparatus. This adaptable section of­fers an impressive capacity of 20,000 pallet po­sitions for the normal temperature zone, along with an additional 1,000 pallet positions for the 20 to 25-degree temperature-controlled area, which can be further expanded when ne­eded. The second section covers 150,000 square feet and is dedicated to non-chemical storage. Additionally, the warehouse includes a 40,000 square feet separate area featuring two distinct cold storage rooms.

The new facility provides comprehensive sa­fety features throughout the premises. This in­cludes a chill temperature-controlled area, ma­intained at 20°-25°C, for pharma, food reagents, etc. Additionally, there are fireproof partitions, a dedicated firewater system, a spill containment pit and rockwool insulation on the roof. To enhance air quality and promote emp­loyee well-being, the facility utilises high-volume low-speed fans for efficient air circulation. Furthermore, as a sustainability initiative, the facility is equipped with a solar system.

The facility’s two-sided docking system reduces the picking path, while a safety lifeline system ensures driver safety while removing tarpaulin from trucks. The facility also features an extended canopy area of over 5 metres, en­suring smooth loading and unloading of vehicles in all seasons.

Commenting on this opening, Anoop Ch­auhan, head – contract logistics and cold chain solutions, DP World, Subcontinent, said, “At DP World, we are constantly working towards building a seamless multimodal network. The addition of the state-of-the-art warehouse in Bhiwan­di in the DP World network will not only expand our robust infrastructure but will also enable us to aid our customers in achieving greater conn­ectivity between global and dome­stic markets”.

Speaking on the occasion, Yogesh Sheva­de, JLL, head logistics and industrial, India, said, “Congratulations to DP World on the inauguration of their advanced warehouse, spanning over 380,000 square feet in Vadape, Bhiwandi, Mumbai. This strategically located facility, situated on the Mumbai-Nashik highway, boasts a remarkable height that allows for the utilisation of nearly 120 million cubic feet, accompanied by a roof designed for solar load enablement. This cutting-edge warehouse exemplifies DP World’s commitment to innovation and signifies its ambition to redefine the logistics landscape in India. JLL is delighted to have served as the exclusive adviser for this transaction.”

The new warehouse will further strengthen Bhiwandi’s position as one of Asia’s largest warehousing hubs by providing cold storage solutions in the region. It will benefit agricultu­re, pharmaceuticals, electric vehicles and che­micals traders in and around the region. Fur­ther­­more, with DP World’s strong multimodal logistics network and capabilities to offer end-to-end supply chain solutions, customers will be able to access export markets and seamless connectivity across the globe.

DP World is rapidly transforming and integrating its businesses, including ports and terminals, marine services, logistics and technology, and uniting its global infrastructure with local expertise to create stronger and more efficient end-to-end supply chain solutions that can change the way the world trades.