Rs 1.24 billion approved for land acquisition for Agra airport expansion

On September 12, 2023, the state government of Uttar Pradesh approved around Rs 1.24 billion for the acquisition of additional land for the expansion of the Agra airport. With an area of 4,870 m, the existing civil terminal inside the Kheria air base of the IAF can handle 250 arrivals and 250 departures. Passengers currently access the airport through the Air Force base, and currently, only four bays for aircraft parking exist. The new terminal would have the capacity to handle 1,200 passengers and would also feature a separate entry for them. As per sources, the district administration is to acquire a total of 92.5 acres of land in Dhanauli, next to the Kheria air base, for the Airports Authority of India (AAI) to build the new terminal. Additionally, the extension of the runway and other facilities would also be carried out. Post the expansion, there would be nine bays with the ability to handle nine Airbus A321 aircraft. Further, 600 departures and arrivals each would be handled at a time.