Atanu Mukherjee: CEO, Dastur Energy Inc.

Atanu Mukherjee, CEO, Dastur Energy Inc

Atanu Mukherjee is CEO of Dastur Energy Inc., a Tex­as-based firm working on clean energy transition and carbon management for ha­rd-to-abate industries. The company offers end-to-end co­mm­e­rcial-scale clean en­e­r­gy sol­utions that deliver sustained long-term techno-economic im­pa­ct. Atanu works in the energy, materials and commodity industry, covering areas such as strategy, technology, engineering, operations and finance. Under his leadership, Dastur En­ergy has led in­n­ovative projects in North America, the Middle East and India.

He has worked with the US Department of Energy, the US’ National Carbon Capture Center, the Government of India and the UAE, on the policy, technology and economics of ga­si­fi­ca­ti­on, methanol, hydrogen and related carbon capture mechan­i­sms for low carbon fuels, cl­ean power, clean chemicals, clean steel, and the oil and gas industries.

He advises in­ternational private equity fir­ms and investors on asset re­vitalisation, mergers and ac­qui­sitions, and investment strategies. Prior to this, Atanu held senior le­ad­er­ship positions at Microsoft Corpo­ra­ti­on. He has nearly 50 publications on en­ergy, materials, economics and com­p­u­­ter science, and holds multiple patents.

Atanu believes that low-carbon carriers such as hydrogen will play a significant role in industrial decarbonisation. In his view, India’s power sector has seen significant transformation, driven by growth in power generation capacity and improved access to electricity.

“Although there is increased emphasis on renewable energy, coal remains a significant part of India’s energy mix. The transition to alter­na­tive sources will require conc­erted efforts, invest­me­nts and a phas­ed approach. Factors such as grid stability, in­termittency of renewable energy and the need for reliable baseload power supply pose challen­ges that need to be addressed. In the near term, the power sector’s reliance on coal will drive a crucial need to leverage CCUS technologies to handle CO2 emissions,” he remarks.

As a leader, Atanu believes in fostering a collaborative app­roach to inspire and challenge his teams to excel. His ho­b­bies include golfing, playing the piano and flying as a private pilot. He divides his time between Austin, Texas and Kolkata, India. He holds a joint graduate degree in Engineering and Management from MIT’s School of Engineering and the MIT Sloan School of Management.