India announces definition of green hydrogen

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has notified the green hydrogen standard for India, in a significant move for the progress of the National Green Hydrogen Mission. Green hydrogen has been defined as having a well-to-gate emission (i.e., including water treatment, electrolysis, gas purification, drying and compression of hydrogen) of not more than 2 kilogram carbon dioxide equivalent per kilogram of hydrogen, taken as an average over last 12-month period. The standard outlines the emission thresholds that must be met in order for hydrogen produced to be classified as ‘green’, i.e., from renewable sources. The scope of the definition encompasses both electrolysis-based and biomass-based hydrogen production methods. The notification specifies that a detailed methodology for measurement, reporting, monitoring, on-site verification, and certification of green hydrogen and its derivatives shall be specified by the MNRE.