Flow management system soon at Chennai Airport

Airports Authority of India (AAI) is soon expected to introduce a flow management system at the new international terminal at Chennai Airport. The facility is currently available at the Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Delhi airports. It is currently installed at the Chennai airport and is being tested. The system will help monitor the time taken by passengers at different points which would aid in planning and decongesting the terminal in a better way. Sensors being installed would alert in case of passenger congestion or if a queue is building at the international arrival and departure terminals. The new terminal will also be equipped with other facilities to enhance passenger experience and security including an automated tray retrieval system at baggage check, self-baggage drop counters, and e-gates for boarding. According to sources, the airport handled around 0.50 million international passengers in June 2023 compared to around 0.40 million passengers in June 2022.