Projects under urban water supply schemes in Jaipur expected to be completed by September 2023

As of August 9, 2023, 354 urban water supply schemes worth Rs 27.80 billion are in progress in Jaipur. Of these, 40 drinking water schemes have an estimated cost of Rs 0.05 billion, 25 schemes cost between Rs 0.01 to Rs 0.05 billion, and 289 schemes cost less than Rs 0.01 billion. Moreover, in the Jaipur-II region, there are around 21 projects which cost more than Rs 0.05 billion. The phase-I of the Bisalpur-Prithviraj Nagar drinking water project is also a part of these schemes with a cost of around Rs 2.81 billion. All these projects are expected to be completed by the end of September 2023.