PNGRB increases unified tariff for national gas grid system by 10 per cent to Rs 81.1 mBtu

PNGRB has increased the unified tariff for the national gas grid system by 10 per cent from Rs 73.9 mBtu to Rs 81.1 mBtu from July 1, 2023. To boost gas consumption, PNGRB had introduced unified tariff for natural gas pipelines from April 1, 2023 which allows customers to pay a single tariff whereas pipeline operators receive differentiated tariffs on the basis of distance. For this, three tariff zones were created with the first zone being located 300 km from the gas source with a tariff of Rs 40 mBtu, second zone between 300-1200 km with Rs 79 tariff and the third zone beyond 1200 km with Rs 114.5 tariff.