L&T construction wins a significant order for its heavy civil infrastructure business

The heavy civil infrastructure business of Larsen & Toubro (L&T) has secured an order from the prestigious Greenko group, one of the world’s leading renewable energy companies, for development of an off stream pumped storage project in Madhya Pradesh.

The civil and hydromechanical works of the project will be executed through a consortium led by L&T, under a stringent timeline of 30 months. Upon completion, the project will be one of the largest clean energy projects of its kind in India.

Securing this pumped storage system order reiterates L&T’s commitment to bolster India’s clean energy sector and a step forward towards the country’s goal of being Carbon Neutral.

About the project

The Gandhisagar pumped storage project (PSP), designed to meet a pumped storage capacity of 10,080 MW hour, envisages creation of an upper reservoir near Khemla block village, (about 75 Kms from Neemuch, Madhya Pradesh) while the existing Gandhisagar reservoir will be the lower reservoir. The project involves constructing an upper dam (to form the upper reservoir), intake structure with approach channel, steel lined buried penstock/pressure shaft (vertical & horizontal), surface powerhouse, draft tube tunnel, tailrace outlet structure, tailrace channel, etc.

Pumped hydro storage plants that store energy using a system of two interconnected reservoirs have immense significance today given the increased adoption of inherent variability. Water is pumped to the upper reservoir in times of surplus energy and, in times of excess demand, water from the upper reservoir is released, generating power, with an overall cycle efficiency of 80 per cent or more.


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