Yüksel Proje : Tapping opportunities in Indian Tunneling and Bridges market

Established in 1978, Yüksel Proje is a leading engineering consultant globally. It provides design, master planning, feasibility and project management (including site supervision) services for transportation (expressway/railways/metro); special bridges (cable-stayed/ suspension/ balanced cantilever); marine (ports & harbour), water &waste-water; rockfall / landslide protection; flood mitigation / control; regional development, special buildings etc. projects. Its core competence lies in the feasibility studies / design / project management of transportation tunnels (road/rail/metro); high or semi speed rail; special bridges; LRT / MRT; and geotechnical & geological studies.

The company has a presence across 30 countries in Europe & Asia, and has a strength of 1,000 + human capital. Till date, the company has worked on over 500 engineering consultancy assignments globally.

In 2017, it established Turkey’s first R&D Centre in the engineering consultancy sector in 2017. Recently, it has launched its second R&D Centre in Istanbul. These centres assist the company in undertaking the development of sustainable and environmental-friendly projects.  Given its design capabilities, Yuksel Proje also assists software firms like Bentley in the technical aspects of their tunnel and bridge related application software.

Key Projects

The company has managed many a special distinction in projects executed, including –

  • The World’s widest (59m) bridge and also the fifth tallest (@ 322m) – Third Bosporus Bridge – a hybrid cable-cum-suspension bridge, developed in hybrid form to carry an 8-lane motorway along with 2 High Speed Rail lines
  • A three-deck Transportation tunnel under the Sea: ‘The Great Istanbul Tunnel’ with the upper 2 decks supporting 4 motorway lanes and the bottom deck supporting 2 metro lines. Possibly the deepest 3-deck transportation tunnel in the World with a 16.8m dia designed to withstand 13 bars of water pressure
  • Three Immersed tunnel projects
  • The World’s 4th longest single span @ 1526m: The Osmangazi Bridge
  • One of the World’s longest road tunnels, the Zigana Tunnel @ 14.5km
  • Numerous high-speed railway projects with speeds upto 350 kmph
  • In Europe, we have managed to design metro projects with a double-track 9.4m dia TBM tunnel. Also, a 4km deep tunnel for the Dnipro metro

Yüksel Proje has also managed to have an imprint on more than 80 per cent of the urban rail systems of Istanbul, Europe’s most populous city. Currently, 13 metro projects are in progress.

The company is  also involved in a large railway project, linking Eastern Europe to Central Europe’s high-speedrail network, viz., ’The Rail Baltica’ project. It is involved in the detailed design of this project. This high-speed railway, which crosses the borders of Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia, stands out as the largest transportation project of the Baltic States.

In addition to the transport sector, Yüksel also has experience in other infrastructure sector projects in Turkey and abroad. One such large assignment involved us in the preparation of Istanbul’s2053 Water and Sewerage Master Plan (Population: 16 million)

Yuksel Proje is also involved with several marquee projects across European countries like Romania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, and Ukraine; and in Asian countries like Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Japan, other than India.

Focus on Indian market

Yüksel Proje has been providing consultancy services in India since 2017. It is one of the few consultants in the country to bag an order book of more than Rs 3 billion in its first two years of operations. Over the years, the company has been involved in assignments related to rail tunnels, road tunnels as well as metro projects. Most of these tunnel-based projects are notable projects and of strategic national importance.

Currently, the company is working on the preliminary designs for tendering stage of an underground section of Kolkata Metro. It will be starting the project management services shortly. The company is also associated in the supervision (project management) services for two tunnels on the Mumbai side of the Mumbai-Nagpur Samruddhi 8-lane Expressway. Yuksel Proje has also been involved with some multilateral agencies-funded projects in India – one of them being an ADB-funded road project.

India continues to be an attractive market for the company, given the rapidly growing economy and large infrastructure investments.

The company’s key Indian tunnel projects include  – The second highest railway tunnel in the World; planning and designing tunnels in the mighty Himalayas (counted as the most challenging geologies in the world for tunnel projects); designing, planning and managing the development of an underground metro line in one of the most thickly populated city sections passing close to historical monuments.

Future plans and priorities

In the medium term, Yuksel Proje aims to feature amongst the top 50 design firms globally. Geographically, the aim is to branch out into many more countries in South-Asia, South-East Asia and in the European & African region. In India, the company will continue to focus on sectors including tunnels, special bridges, high speed rail and metro projects.