State cabinet of Maharashtra planning to implement AMRUT 2.0

The state cabinet of Maharashtra has decided to implement the Am­rut  2.0 in the state. The scheme will be implemented from financial year 2021-22 to 2025-26 to achieve 100 tap water connections, rejuvenate waterbodies, and develop gardens and green spaces. The state has been implementing AMRUT 1.0 since 2015, which was limited to 412 cities. Under Amrut 2.0, projects entailing an investment of Rs 277 billion will be executed, for which the centre will provide Rs 92.85 billion and the state will provide the remaining Rs 184.15 billion. Water supply projects will be allocated 52.81 per cent of the total funds, whereas 41.35 per cent will be allocated to sanitation and 5.84 per cent to develop green spaces.