Modern Solutions: Technologically advanced pumping systems gain traction

Technologically advanced pumping systems gain traction

The pump market in India has witnessed steady growth over the past few years due to its increased application in secto­rs such as agriculture, industry and construction service. Further, the increasing oil dema­nd, and rising investments in water and wastewater treatment activities are likely to drive the pump market.

Depending on the type of operating principle, pumps can be broadly classified into positive displacement and dynamic pump categories. Positive displacement pumps can be further classified as rotary and reciprocating pum­ps, while dynamic pumps can be centrifugal or special effect pumps. Centrifugal pumps, particularly submersible ones, have witnessed significant demand from the country’s agricultural sector owing to their technological capabilities. Besi­des, the continuous decrease in groundwater levels is contributing to the rising demand for sub­mersible pumps among farmers.

Meanwhile, the increasing awareness of energy star ratings among consumers is expected to drive the market towards energy efficient and modern pumps. The industrial pump market, which is witnessing high demand from the cement, steel, oil and gas, water, and wastewa­ter sectors, is expected to reach over $2 billion by 2026. These sectors will soon become major end-users of these pumps in India.

Why technological advancement?

The rapid growth in infrastructure such as domestic and commercial buildings, industries and water utilities has led many sectors to de­pend on water pumping systems in their daily operations. The traditional pumping systems, often prone to leakages, require human intervention, thereby disrupting day-to-day activities. For such routine activities, pumps need to be fast functioning and resistant to failure. To en­sure higher efficiency in operations, adv­an­ced technologies must be integrated into pump solutions. They can help operators measure pump performance and improve productivity, saving energy and delivering the desired output.

Further, the outbreak of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has led to a paradigm shift in industry operations. Companies are now being forced to implement digital strategies and adopt relevant technologies. In the post-Covid world, digital transformation will be an important factor for growth.

Recent technological initiatives

Grundfos India is a global leader in advanced pump solutions and a trendsetter in water technologies. In August 2021, it launched its product, SCALA1, an all-in-one pressure booster with high efficiency motor and hydraulics and low noise operation. It is easy to install and serves as an energy efficient solution to address pressure boosting challenges at home. As a fully integrated, all-in-one, self-priming pump designed for optimal pressure boosting, SCALA1 is the ideal solution to transform domestic water boos­ting. It is compact, lightweight and comes with a plug-and-play system that does not require skilled manpower for installation. It also enables customers to monitor, troubleshoot and control their pumps through their smart devices at the touch of a button.

Another one of its products is iSOLUTIONS, which is designed to study the performance of a pump and adapt to it in order to minimise en­ergy consumption. Grundfos has also laun­ched a mobile application called SmArt Serv, which is an intelligent application that allows cus­tomers to connect with the company team or the nearest service provider on a real-time basis, and report their issues.

Other major players in the organised pump market have also been introducing innovative and energy efficient pumping solutions. Kirlos­kar Brothers Limited has launched KirloSmart, a software technology that enables real-time and remote monitoring of solenoid valves and pumps and its critical health parameters to av­oid any failures and reduce downtime and its adverse economic effects. It has also launched two innovative pumping solutions, KU6 and K-Kleen 25, which ensure high efficiency at lower costs. The customisation of modern pumps is also an innovative upcoming technologies, whi­ch will enable pump systems to experience sh­orter downtime and fewer failures.

The way forward

Going forward, it is imperative that the pump industry adopts digital solutions to ensure operational efficiency. It is expected that the use of IoT technology in compressors, centrifugal pum­ps and positive displacement pumps will grow multifold in the coming years. The in­corporation of digital solutions and IoT is es­sential to develop smarter pumps. Techno­logically sound, modern pumps should be de­ve­loped to ensure fas­ter and better output. Net, net, technology upgradation and digitalisation will play a key role in shaping the future of the organised pump market in India.