NHAI’s income per FASTag declines by 8 per cent in the first half of 2021

Data from the first half of 2021 has revealed that NHAI has earned Rs 165 on every FASTag issued, as compared to Rs 179 earned a year ago, indicating a decline of 8 per cent. Since the tags have been issued at a discount, higher adherence has meant lower revenue collection for NHAI. Between January and June 2021, the total toll collection was Rs 155.19 billion, with a total traffic volume of 635 million. Meanwhile, NHAI collected Rs 77.88 billion in toll from January to June 2020, almost half of this year’s figure, with a traffic volume of 435 million. Owing to the lockdown imposed by multiple states, the traffic volume this year dipped to 116.48 million in May 2021. As lockdown restrictions were phased out, traffic picked up in June 2021 to reach 157.86 million.


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