Interview with Sophie Moochhala: “Fluid Controls® offers customers across industries end-to-end “Make in India” solutions for various applications.”

“Fluid Controls® offers customers across industries end-to-end “Make in India” solutions for various applications.”

Sophie Moochhala, Managing Director, Fluid Controls

Established in 1974, Fluid Controls Private Limited® has over 45 years of experience in engineering connections. It offers end-to-end Make in India solutions for various applications across industries – from design and engineering services to supply of high-performance products.In an interview with Indian Infrastructure, Sophie Moochhala, managing director, Fluid Controls, talks about various products and services offered by Fluid Controls, project portfolio, impact of Covid-19 and company’s future plans.

What are the various products and services offered by Fluid Controls?

Fluid Controls® offers customers across industries end-to-end “Make in India” solutions for various applications – from design & engineering services to supply of high-performance products. We offer customers a complete range of instrumentation products – connectors and adaptors for tubes and hose, valves, manifolds, DIN pipe clamps and SAE flanges. We also offer prefabricated instrument hook-ups, high pressure needle valves, gas valves for turbine applications, block and bleed valves and O2 clean fittings for pharma and bio-tech applications. Our products ensure precision connections that are designed based on specific application requirements and perform to international standards. Fluid Controls® has recently introduced a range of services – including design & engineering services, testing services, on-site installation services and pre-fabricated assemblies. Our clients span the oil/gas, nuclear and thermal power, defence and rail & metro sectors.

What is the current project portfolio of Fluid Controls?

Our current portfolio of projects includes “supply and apply” contracts with Indian Railway OEM’s, contracts for supply of connectors for metro rail cars, including Mumbai Metro, Pune Metro, Montreal Metro, and long-term supply contracts for the E-Loco and Diesel Locomotive PPP ventures. We also have project orders in hand for several refinery upgradations. In addition, our supply arrangements with OEM’s continue.

How has the outburst of Covid-19 impacted the company’s operations/commitments?

Given the nature of our business, which mainly constitutes long term supply arrangements and multi-year project orders, we continue to receive orders and have had a successful first quarter closing.

What steps were undertaken by the company in response to the pandemic? What steps is the company undertaking to ensure business continuity?

At Fluid Controls®, we “Engineer Connections Everyday”.  In the COVID-19 situation we are in today, we are also committed to “Staying Safe Everyday” and ensuring business continuity as well as the health and safety of our employees, their families, our customers, and our business partners.   With a systems and process focused approach, we have restructured our operations and have put in place detailed guidelines for operations and conducted extensive training of our employees. The core of our EPRP Protocol is the “Fluid Controls Focus Five” to ensure safe working ( We have also re-structured our facilities and offices to ensure compliance with government guidelines and have modified our manufacturing processes to ensure safe production and inward and outward material handling.  In addition, all our employees are provided with individual PPE kits which are tailor made for their area of operation and have been provided with adequate insurance. As a responsible citizen, Fluid Controls® has also reached out to the wider community and we have extended support to NGOs such as UnLtd India, OSCAR Foundation, Masoom and Goonj who are involved with COVID Relief Work.

What are the company’s future plans and targets with respect to the Indian railways market?

Over the years, Fluid Controls® has built a comprehensive expertise for manufacturing, by identifying the right materials and ensuring “fit and forget” assembly. For rail & metro applications, we offer complete fitment of brake piping components, engineering and site installation services, pre-piped assemblies for easy site fitment, Double Ferrule Fittings, DIN Single Ferrule Fittings, Threaded Adaptors, Across Frame Connectors, FlexiGripTMConnectors, Quick Release Connectors, Isolation Valves and Clamps. A key part of our future plans is to tap into the brake piping business for the emerging high-speed train operations. We are also focusing on global supplies to Europe, North America and SE Asia.