The Future is Now: Airtel enabling Digital India’s smart city dreams

Today India is undergoing a digital transformation and in order to achieve the aim of providing core infrastructure, give better quality of life to citizens and apply smart solutions to improve services and infrastructure across the country, the Government of India has aimed to build 100 smart cities.

But as we inch closer to the reality of smart cities, the technological challenges are becoming increasingly apparent. There is a need to retrofit modern communication systems over existing infrastructure to allow secure real-time connectivity, collaboration, data access and analysis. This is where a technology partner like Airtel Business comes in.

Airtel Business has developed state-of-the-art digital solutions that cater to the needs of smart cities. These include connectivity, collaboration, cloud, cyber-security, internet of things (IoT) and network integration. The company’s objective is to create end-to-end business enablement solutions by harnessing the power of alliances and cutting-edge technology. Airtel Business’ offerings are helping various smart cities across India implement features such as adaptive traffic control systems, video surveillance, integrated command and control centres, smart lighting, smart meters, smart signage, data centre-disaster recovery sites, public Wi-Fi/hotspots, weather monitoring and many more.

Here’s how Airtel Business can help India reach its smart cities’ goal and evolve at an unprecedented rate…

Infrastructure and connectivity

With over 300,000 km of optic fibre cables laid out across the country, Airtel Business offers robust last-mile connectivity across the country. This is further supported by its vast experience of running multiprotocol label switching, internet and leased line services over copper and fibre media as the last mile. The company’s partners are assured of their network being managed and operated by highly qualified and skilled personnel round the clock through two state-of-the-art network operation centres based in Gurgaon and Chennai for superior end-to-end network visibility and support.


Airtel Business addresses a smart city’s crucial requirement of storage/replication and analysis of an enormous amount of data on cloud through Nxtra, a fully owned subsidiary of Airtel. Nxtra is a Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology-empanelled service provider offering data centre, cloud and managed hosting services with 10 data centres across India. It offers the required scalability and flexibility to meet the needs of a smart city with enhanced security and control.


IoT lies at the heart of achieving an ultra-connected environment necessary for smart cities. Airtel Business’ offerings address all the IoT needs like asset tracking, smart proactive maintenance and environmental monitoring through:

  • A dedicated low-power wide area network
  • Highly scalable plug-and-play features with rapid deployment
  • Network and application level security

Cyber security

In an extremely connected landscape, each access node introduces a possible point of vulnerability of sensitive data getting exposed. Airtel’s multi-layered security solution provides managed security services which include threat monitoring and intelligence, device management, distributed denial of service, web proxy, cloud security and incidence response, which assure seamless connectivity and management operations.


Airtel’s offering integrates leading digital conferencing tools to realise the potential of remote meetings. Using our audio-conferencing bridge and video-conferencing capabilities, teams across the city can facilitate seamless, real-time communication through video, voice and text from any device, at any time.

Network integration and professional services

Airtel Business has Tier-1 partnerships with all leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Combined with our end-to-end support, this ensures that all requirements of a smart city with respect to switching, routing, surveillance, collaboration and data centre infrastructure are well taken care of.

The Airtel Advantage

  • Flexible and scalable smart city solutions
  • Single point of responsibility for network services and infrastructure
  • Strategic partnership with leading OEMs
  • Trained and experienced people for end-to-end solution support
  • Best in class governance and program management process

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