Fluid Controls®-engineered supply and installation solutions

Fluid Controls® has over 40 years of experience in engineering connections for railway brake piping assemblies. It offers customers total solutions for locomotive and coach brake piping arrangements – from design and engineering services to supply of high performance connectors.

Recently, Fluid Controls® has introduced engineered installation service. This service provides customers with an end-to-end solution as they have a single-source vendor for connector supply as well as fitment.

Traditionally, Indian Railways has sourced brake piping parts from individual suppliers, and the installation of the piping was carried out at site by separate vendors. With the expansion in the manufacturing of carriage and locomotive rolling stock, it is imperative that the railways have zero-defect, leak-free connections in the pneumatic brake piping system as this is a critical safety item which requires superior materials and precise expert installation. The key services and solutions offered by the company include:

  • Supply of zero-defect end connectors and pipes.
  • On-site connector fitment services include swaging services and ensuring proper fitment of ferrules and performance of the connector.
  • End-to-end installation services include on-site installation of brake pipelines on the shell under-frame and bogie, including tube formation, connector fitment, mounting of piping and leakage testing.
  • Pre-piped assemblies: This begins with engineering support during the designing of the brake piping layouts supported by 3D modelling and FEA. The tube formation and end formation and swaging of connectors is done at our facility and the pre-piped assembly is shipped to the customer site. If required, Fluid Controls® team provides on-site fitment of these assemblies.

Fluid Controls® is executing supply and apply contracts for over 750 coaches at the Modern Coach Factory, Rae Bareli. It has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Pune with a dedicated research and development centre. w