GreyOrange launches its latest modular sortation system

GreyOrange has launched the Flexo™ robotics system, its latest modular sortation system, designed for modern distribution and logistics centres serving retail, courier and express companies. Designed for versatility, portability and sortation efficiency, the Flexo™ system fits well in most warehouses on account of its fluid layout which requires minimal additional infrastructure. The high performance system, capable of operating round the clock, reduces cost per shipment and dependence on additional labour during peak hours. The artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled robotics system can be easily scaled to meet evolving business needs for handling large peaks, and reduced during non-peak hours to minimise operating costs. Flexo™ components are designed to allow for fast implementation in as short a time as 15 days due to their simple design, modularity and standardisation.

The unique feature of the Flexo™ modular sortation system is its fleet of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). These AMRs carry parcels from inducts – where parcels arrive – to its sorting destination, using the most efficient path determined by AI and machine learning algorithms. These robots perform high speed sortation, similar to a conventional fixed conveyor sorting system, with added advantages such as the

ability to add sorting capacity during peak periods, much faster deployment, easier layout updates and modular components that can be individually turned off when not in use. Flexo™ can handle up to 12,000 parcels per hour, sorting up to hundreds of destinations, including common post and courier items up to 15 kg.


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