Ravi Agarwal: Managing Director, Rajasthan State Gas Limited

Managing Director, Rajasthan State Gas Limited

Ravi Agarwal, managing director, Rajasthan State Gas Limited (RSGL), a joint venture of GAIL (India) Limited, has been with the organisation since 2014, a year after its inception. In this role, his responsibilities include setting up of a city gas distribution network in the Kota geographical area with a thrust on the execution of the master plan for the development of industries based on clean fuel. He is also associated with the state government as a key member of committees for suggesting reforms for the use of natural gas in a range of applications.

After joining GAIL, where he worked for about three decades, he was entrusted with the responsibility of project management for pipeline and gas processing projects. He was also involved in the development of technology for converting liquids such as naphtha to value-added products like LPG and high octane gasoline. He also acted as the nodal person for developing dimethyl ether as a fuel to meet domestic, commercial and industrial demand, particularly in coastal locations, in association with British Petroleum and the Indian Oil Corporation of India.

With the Rajasthan government’s increased focus on developing clean energy in the state, several challenges lie ahead for RSGL. It has been entrusted with the responsibility of developing green energy connectivity in accelerator zones. Further, it has to make efforts to create synergies between the gas transmission company and the investors in accelerator zones, to help make Rajasthan a front runner in this area.

According to Agarwal, given the enabling policies of the government to accelerate investments, the outlook for the infrastructure sector looks quite positive. The expansion of the gas grid will also provide the necessary infrastructure for further investments in enhanced production of domestic gas and a higher volume of LNG imports. Investment opportunities are also present in LNG import and liquefaction facilities.

His management style involves the creation of a participative environment where different ideas can be captured. In a crisis situation, he prefers to lead from the front by assessing different facets of the problem and assigning responsibilities to individuals for achieving a timely solution. Agarwal holds a master’s degree in management and a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, besides a degree in industrial engineering. In his spare time, he likes to read management journals, watch business-oriented programmes and go to his health club.