MoRTH reports progress recorded under national highway projects in Uttar Pradesh

In the past two years, eight major national highway projects, spanning a length of 865 km, have been completed at a cost of Rs 62.18 billion. Meanwhile, 31 projects covering a length of 2,156 km and estimated to cost Rs 194.36 billion are currently under implementation. During 2014-15 and 2015-16, 24 national highway projects spanning 1,293 km valued at Rs 169.49 billion were awarded. Besides, 15 projects with a total length of 840 km and worth Rs 67.9 billion are likely to be awarded in the next year at the state level. DPR preparation for building 1,400 km of national highways at an approximate cost of Rs 140 billion is under way and these are likely to be awarded in the next two years. A total of 79 projects worth Rs 30.35 billion have been sanctioned for 2015-16 and 2016-17 under the Central Road Fund and Inter-state Connectivity Scheme. The MoRTH has declared 10 new national highways with a length of 811 km in Uttar Pradesh. In addition, the ministry has given in-principle approval to 35 new national highways covering 2,591 km. The MoRTH plans to invest Rs 259 billion to develop these national highways subject to DPR findings and the receipt of a no-objection certificate from the state government. The MoRTH through NHAI and the Uttar Pradesh Public Works Department (PWD) plans to invest about Rs 747.94 billion over the next two years.