Devendra Kumar Vyas: CEO, Srei Equipment Finance Limited

CEO, Srei Equipment Finance Limited

A chartered accountant by profession, Devendra Kumar Vyas started his career in 1991 at G.P. Agarwal & Company, having graduated with a B.Com. degree from Ajmer University. He quickly ascended to the position of partner at the firm. In 1997, he joined Srei in the operations department. He honed his skills in various departments in the organisation, and then came what he reckons to be the most memorable assignment of his career.

In 2006, while Vyas was head of the asset finance division, Srei created a separate entity for the equipment financing business, today known as Srei Equipment Finance Limited (SEFL). In 2008, he was appointed chief executive officer (CEO) of this entity.

The journey so far has been memorable for him as he has taken the company to new heights and been instrumental in enabling SEFL become the market leader. Recently, he has been given the additional responsibility of overseeing the group’s fund-based businesses as well and his immediate task is to ensure seamless functioning across the group.

Modest in his approach, Vyas attributes the success of his organisation to the collective hard work of his employees. He believes in being a leader rather than a “boss”. “All the employees should feel that they are entrepreneurs in different roles in the organisation,” he says.

Infrastructure, after facing some tough times, he feels, is in revival mode. “But this time, the crests will be bigger and better than before. We will witness fast-paced action and execution, as that is what both policymakers and infrastructure players are aiming for. And this is evident from the fact that the equipment market, which is the lead indicator of the sector, has already shown signs of revival,” Vyas says. He therefore expects exciting times ahead.

Vyas has set a twofold target for himself. He plans to increase the portfolio size of his company, while mitigating risks and reducing them to the lowest possible level. He also wants to increase the reach of his company to newer territories and customer segments. He feels that the next chapter of India’s growth will be written by both urban and rural youth together. At SEFL, he wants to be an enabler of that growth.

Vyas is an avid reader and a believer in Swami Vivekananda’s philosophy. A family man, he attributes his personal strength to his wife and two children.