Punjab government sanctions Rs 4.16 billion for infrastructure projects in Mohali

The Punjab government has sanctioned Rs 4.16 billion for undertaking various infrastructure projects in SAS Nagar, Mohali. A sum of Rs 261.8 million has been earmarked for undertaking various water supply projects in the district. The projects include installation of deep bore wells in the Phase 2B area and Mohali village and repair of a water boosting station in the Phase 10 area. Besides, Rs 507.8 million will be spent on the rehabilitation of the stormwater drainage and sewerage system in the town. Under the project, the main sewer line will be rehabilitated by providing glass-reinforced lining in the sewer line from Phase 5 to Phase 9. The main storm line would be rehabilitated by providing cured-in-place pipeline lining from Sector 70 to Sector 76. In addition, an amount of Rs 1.31 billion is planned to be spent on the construction of a 5 million gallon per day sewage treatment plant (STP) for tertiary treatment of sewage. The funds will also be used for laying distribution pipelines for the supply of tertiary treated wastewater to various parts of the town.