The Oil & Gas section covers the key trends and developments in the oil and natural gas segments; recent policy developments; update on Discovered Small Fields, CGD bidding rounds, NELP rounds, etc.
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On a Buying Spree
India looking to acquire overseas assets.

June 2016

In a bid to take advantage of falling global crude prices to lock in supplies to meet future demand, Indian oil companies are looking to further ties with their overseas counterparts, either by acquiring assets or stepping up investments in overseas ventures. […]

Focus on New Gas
Challenges remain despite government initiatives

March 2016

The city gas distribution (CGD) sector has shown mixed progress in the past few years. In the fifth and sixth bidding rounds, there has been an increase in the number of geographical areas (GAs) bid out. However, the number of GAs receiving just one bid or no bids at all have increased. […]

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