Hindalo and Metra SpA collaborate to manufacture aluminum Vande Bharat trains

Hindalco Industries Limited has entered a technology partnership with Italy-based Metra SpA to build high-speed aluminium rail coaches in India. Under this partnership, Metra SpA will bring in its expertise in producing high technology content aluminium extrusions for railway, mechanics, industrial, automobile and architectural applications. This collaboration will manufacture passenger coaches for the Vande Bharat Express trains. Hindalco plans to invest Rs 20 billion for the project while as part of the partnership, Metra SpA will provide the cutting-edge technology. At present, Vande Bharat train has been built to run at a maximum speed of 180 km per hour. With the use of aluminium, it is expected that the speed can be increased to more than 200 km per hour owing to its lightweight, lower maintenance cost, higher corrosion and abrasion resistance etc.