EAC recommended amendment in ToR for Morbi-Navlakhi Port Road Connectivity Project

The expert appraisal committee (EAC) of the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change has recommended amendment in terms of reference (ToR) for the Morbi-Navlakhi port road connectivity project. The ToR for the same was granted in July 2023. The proposed amendment states that the road in the coastal regulation zone area between chainage (Ch) 36 km to Ch 41 km will be constructed on stilts and accordingly designs will be developed. The project involves construction of four lane greenfield alignment which starts from Morbi bypass near Amreli village and terminates at Navlakhi Port in Gujarat. The total length for the proposed project road is 41.82 km. The alignment is passing through 13 villages, 2 talukas of Morbi District in the state. This will provide connectivity to the Navlakhi Port through the national highway.