Five firms submit bids for exploration and production of 10 oil and gas blocks under OALP- VIII

A total of five firms have submitted bids for exploration and development of 10 oil and gas blocks under the eighth round of Open Acreage Licensing Policy. These include Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC) for CB-ONHP-2022/1 at Cambay Basin, AS-ONHP-2022/1 at Assam Shelf Basin, MB-OSHP-2022/1 at Mumbai Offshore Basin, GK-OSHP-2022/1 at Kutch Basin, KK-OSHP-2022/1 and KK-DWHP-2022/1 at Kerala Konkan Basin, BP-OSHP-2022/1 at Bengal Purnea Basin, GS-DWHP-2022/1 at Saurashtra Basin and MN-UDWHP-2022/1 at Mahanadi Basin; Vedanta Limited for CB-ONHP-2022/1 at Cambay Basin; Oil India Limited (OIL) for AS-ONHP-2022/1 at Assam Shelf Basin; Sun Petro Chemicals Private Limited for GK-OSHP-2022/1 at Kutch Basin; Consortium of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) and BP Exploration (Alpha) Limited for KG-UDWHP-2022/1 at Krishna Godawari Basin. The bids for the same were invited by the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas in July 2022. The bid acceptance for this round was concluded after several deadline extensions.