States receive budgetary allocation for modernisation of railways

In the Rail Budget 2023-24, Uttar Pradesh has reportedly received allocations worth Rs 175.07 billion, Madhya Pradesh Rs 136.07 billion, Rajas­than Rs 95.32 billion, Uttarakhand Rs 54. billion, Punjab Rs 47.62 billion, De­lhi Rs 24.77 billion, Haryana Rs 22.47 billion, Himachal Pradesh Rs 18.38 billion, Bihar Rs 85.05 billion and Chandigarh Rs 4.52 billion. State-wise, there has been a 26-fold increase in the maximum budget received by the National Capital Region since 2013-14, followed by Punjab with a 21-fold increase. Further, Uttar Pra­desh has seen a 16-fold increase and Gujarat a 14-fold increase.