A.S. Rajgopal: CEO and MD, NxtGen Datacenter and Cloud Technologies

CEO and MD, NxtGen Datacenter and Cloud Technologies

In a professional career spanning over 30 years, A.S. Rajgo­pal has gained immense global exposure working with organisations across the telecom and IT domains. He has been associated with organisations such as Dell, Microsoft, Kellogg, Yale and ISB, which has inculcated in him a technology-driven vision coupled with strategic business planning. “I was responsible for laun­ching Dell Services in India and Microsoft Win­dows across 38 countries,” he says. Further, his stint with Reliance Com­munications gave him an opportunity to build and spearhead the co­mpany’s enterprise and data centre business, which delivered revenues of over Rs 10 billion. In his current role as CEO and MD, NxtGen Data­center and Cloud Technolo­gies, Rajgopal is res­po­nsible for building leading-edge products and services that enable the “business of technology” while understanding the “technology of bu­si­ne­sses”. Overseeing strategic and business planning, sales and marketing progress, alliances and human resource management, and maintaining NxtGen’s high social responsibility are other critical aspects of his role.

Rajgopal envisions NxtGen to be a trusted market leader in the data centre industry through clear differentiators in the company’s operating style and ethos, which help provide customers the real-time solutions they need. “However, developing and delivering attractive and robust IT services to enterprise customers remain major challenges,” he says.

The telecom industry responded to the pandemic with se­ve­ral operational improvements and became the bedrock for many businesses to recover in 2021. “While 2020 was about operational im­pro­ve­ments, 2021 is about disruptive technologies,” says Rajgopal. He belie­ves open radio access networks, edge computing, 5G, integration of artificial intelligence  and machine learning  into the network edge, next-generation IoT, cloud and microservices will be the key trends in the coming years.

Rajgopal’s ability to learn and grow from past experiences and mista­kes is what keeps him going. “Understanding the industry well, being aw­a­re of solutions, and offering the best to consumers have helped me sail thr­ough in my professional ca­r­eer,” he says. He summarises his leadership philosophy th­r­­o­u­gh a quote by Andrew Car­n­­egie, “Here lies a man who was wise enough to bring into his service men who knew more than he.”

Rajgopal enjoys gardening in his spare time. He also likes re­ading about technology, playing cricket, cycling and hiking. He prefers spending his weekends with his family and friends.