Santadyuti Samanta: Chief, Information Technology, Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited

Chief, Information Technology, Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited

Santadyuti Samanta has two decades of experience in the power sector. “I have had the fortune of working with two of the best utilities in the country – CESC and Tata Power Delhi Distribu­ti­on Limited (Tata Power-DDL),” he says. He has work­ed across the power distribution value chain, in power procurement, network operations and maintenance, projects and customer service, and has implemented several IT and OT solutions. In the past, he has also worked as a consultant for The World Bank.

In his current role, he is responsible for digital and IT deployments ac­ross Tata Power’s transmission and distribution businesses. “Tata Power-DDL has enhan­ced its digital offerings, especially during the pandemic. Going ahead, it plans to undertake digitalisation across its work areas and consumer experience points in order to en­han­ce visibility, pre­di­cta­bi­lity and controllability,” says Samanta. Digi­talisation is expected to help predict cash flows, demand, capex requi­re­ments due to load growth, reliability needs, consumer complaints, payment defaults and theft. Cyber­se­curity and reskilling of employees will be some of the next areas of focus.

Samanta derives satisfaction from the deployment of IT infrastructure and applications for the recently acquired discoms in Odisha during the lockdown period without any increase in manpower or capital asset investments. On the distribution segment, Saman­ta remarks, “After a long time of policy paralysis in power distribution, the segment is now going through its most interesting phase with the adoption of new technologies and policies. As a result of digitalisation, customer consumption, behaviour information and other operational points are being measured at the granular level and being used to enhance asset utilisation and customer engagement.” According to him, a key issue in the distribution segment is the high am­o­unt of debt and regulatory assets with the discoms, which is the first level of reven­ue generation for the value chain. Some of the key challenges are the absen­ce of cost-reflective tariffs, and strong per­fo­r­mance monitoring and benchmarking.

Samanta believes in a collaborative and focused approach to ac­hie­ve business priorities. He also believes it is important to identify the ground realities in order to resolve issues and to focus on future uncertainties and risks so as to secure the organisation. In his spare time, he likes to travel and learn about new cultures.