CASE Construction strives for Water Conservation in India: Launches Jal Sanchay Water Conservation initiative

Launches Jal Sanchay Water Conservation initiative

With an objective to propagate water conservation, CASE Construction Equipment, a brand of CNH Industrial, has launched the Jal Sanchay-Water Conservation and Rejuvenation of Traditional Water Body initiative at Sanjay Jalashay in Pithampur. As a part of its CSR initiative, the project aims at working together with the local communities to conserve water.

The Jal Sanchay project will help in the renovation of Sanjay Jalashay, conservation and storage of excess run-off water from catchment as well as an improvement in sanitary conditions around water bodies and its management. Additionally, there will be plantation around the pond to improve the ecosystem, establishment of vegetative cover through plantation and grass seeding in the adjoining drainage area to minimise silt erosion and repair of earthen embankment and sump well to prevent seepage and provide greater stability. There will be construction of two pakkaghats for safe access to the local community near the water treatment plant towards NH-3 and on the opposite side of the water treatment plant.

“Over the decades, CASE Construction has always been at the forefront of serving society and contributes in building communities in every possible way. We believe in not only driving conversations about the issues that matter but also work towards an effective solution. The ‘Jal-Sanchay’ project is another innovative effort in the direction of leveraging our reach and network to spread awareness and find solutions for a critical issue affecting each one of us. With this initiative, we want to aid the government’s target of providing clean water to all by 2024,” says Mr SatyendraTiwari.

He further added, “Water is a limited natural resource and through our initiative, we aim at spreading awareness and knowledge about the significance of water conservation for a safe and secure tomorrow”.

CASE has also undertaken many green initiatives near its Pithampur plant including implementation of a “Tree Plantation Project” under which 5,000 saplings have been planted on a stretch of divider, measuring approximately 4.5 km in front