Secure Meters: The new, better approach to manage city gas distribution

The city gas distribution scenario is changing rapidly. At present, city gas distribution (CGD) companies use services of many vendors and contractors to provide piped natural gas (PNG) customer connections including metering, installation and servicing connections over their lifetime.At Secure, we firmly believe that there is always a better way of doing things. Our Gas MBC (metering billing and collection) service amalgamates all customer-centric services associated with gas distribution. Being a single point of responsibility, we are able to improve operational efficiency, enhance customer experience and reduce the cost to serve, which in turn, will help CGD companies and customers.

We cover the following customer-centric services:

Customer acquisition and new PNG connection management: Collect new connection charges for domestic PNG connection, supply, install and commission new PNG connections. Manage inventory and create awareness among customers for gas usage.

Pay-as-you-go (prepaid) gas metering: Supply of a reliable pay-as-you-go metering system with Bluetooth technology is receiving more and more attention as CGD companies are looking at ways to improve customer service. The systemempowers customers to budget their usage and improve cash flow through regular monitoring of their usage through a mobile app.

Maintenance of PNG connection: Handle all field-related customer complaints, modification and alteration requests, annual maintenance contract, and periodic meter reading.

Customer engagement and support: Establish and operate customer interface centre and 24×7 call centre for handling customer queries, complaints and emergencies.

Revenue management services: Operation of front offices for vending, prepayment token recharge, deposit cash in the bank and revenue reconciliation.

IT management services:

Establish, operate and maintain software and IT infrastructure

With their resources relieved from managing daily operations, CGD companies will be able to focus on core gas network infrastructure development for setting up and strengthening the distribution network in their geographical areas (Gas), thus contributing to expanding gas connectivity in their GAs so that they can maximise the number of connections. The overall proposition can be a win-win situation for both the customer and the CGD company.

Benefits to customer:

  • Pay as you go and recharge according to your usage.
  • No manual meter reading, and hence no billing disputes.
  • Remaining credit displayed in money value terms for better understanding.
  • Recharge through web or app – no standing in queues for purchasing gas.
  • 24×7 customer service.

Benefits to CGD companies:

  • Single point of responsibility to one service agency.
  • Reduced cost to serve.
  • Improved cash flow for CGD companyas gas usage charges are paid in advance.
  • Zero debt – no outstanding dues.
  • Lower IT and other overheads.
  • No need to get involved in the unpleasant task of chasing and disconnecting errant customers.
  • No gas bill related queries.

With 43 million projected PNG connections, managing the CGD network will soon become an uphill task for CGD companies. It’s time we change our approach towards gas distribution to ensure efficiency, cost-effectiveness and convenience.


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