Delta unveils Laser 4K DLP video walls for surveillance control rooms

Delta, a global provider of power and thermal management technologies and a leading player in display solutions, unveiled an 87 square foot 4K Laser DLP video wall at the Intersec Trade Show, 2020. The video walls fully support 4K resolution and 4K control systems including Delta’s state-of-the-art distributive vision control system (DVCS).

The wall solution features an extra slim form factor, 560 mm depth, an unmatched 4K (3,840×2,160) resolution, high brightness of 4,000 lumens and a brightness uniformity of over 98 per cent. Its built-in intelli-sense function monitors various parameters of the system and automatically performs real-time adjustments for 24×7 operations.

DVCS is a high performance distributed control system designed to fulfil the sophisticated needs of control room applications to ensure perfect continuity of images across multiple cubes. DVCS generation 3 is capable of handling 4K resolution input and output with 60 frames per second performance. The platform can manage multiple video sources on a single display, enlarge a single video signal to multiple displays and enable centralised control of several video walls.

Delta Electronics India Private Limited, a group entity and a leading power and energy management company, has been operating in India since 2003. It is a 100 per cent subsidiary of Delta Electronics (Thailand) PCL. Delta operates in three business categories – power electronics, automation and infrastructure.