GENMA launches 3rd generation mobile harbour crane

In June 2018, GENMA launched its 3rd generation mobile harbour crane. The new generation crane has a gantry-tyre type chassis which enhances its mobility and flexibility. It offers several features which make it 20 per cent more efficient than the previous models. These include an intelligent loading and unloading system that can follow a predetermined optimal load path after two manual cycles to set the initial and destination working points. The system is simple to use and requires no complex operator training.  Further, the new generation cranes use an improved anti-sway technology which helps in making container operations smoother and more stable. Its efficiency is further enhanced by an intelligent grabbing technology which enables it to adapt to a variety of materials.

From the environmental perspective, the new generation cranes offer the option of shore power to the customers, thereby, making the switch between diesel engine and shore power easier. Further, the hydraulic accumulators in these harbour cranes are capable of storing energy. Other distinguishing features of these new generation cranes include a product life analysis system which gives a clear picture about the condition of the equipment and facilitates the estimation of equipment value and drafting of a maintenance plan. These cranes are also equipped with a multi-machine cooperative operating system which allows the operator to command two cranes simultaneously at the maximum lifting capacity.

GENMA is a part of Rainbow Heavy Industries and mainly provides material handling solutions. The company is also expanding its bulk handling business. The main products provided by GENMA include mobile harbour cranes, pneumatic ship unloaders, bridge-type grab ship unloaders, scraper ship unloaders, chain bucket ship unloaders, mobile ship loaders, environmental hoppers, etc.

Pic 1:The previous 3 types of undercarriages


Pic 2: The new gantry-tyre type chassis

Pic 3:The 3rd generation Genma mobile harbor crane



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