Andy Stevenson: Head, India, Turkey and the Middle East, Fujitsu

Head, India, Turkey and the Middle East, Fujitsu

Head of India, Turkey and the Middle East for Fujitsu, Andy Stevenson believes that the company’s forte is its relentless pursuit of perfection.

Before coming to India, Stevenson had a dual role, as chief executive officer of Fujitsu Telecommunications Europe and as executive director of the hosting and network services group at Fujitsu Services Holdings PLC (Fujitsu UK and Ireland). Here he played a leading role in guiding the company to its position as a key telecom product and technology provider, and a leader in the UK and Ireland IT services industry. In fact, one of the highlights of his career was when the company won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise Innovation 2005, for the Fujitsu GeoStream Access Gateway technology, which was deployed in telephone exchanges to deliver broadband services to homes and businesses in the UK. “We had the largest market share for broadband during the period 2005-10. We became the telecom infrastructure provider for the UK Post Office’s communications services and provided them with a complete platform to manage customer experience,” he says.

Although he is impressed with the government’s drive towards creating a digital India and smart cities, Stevenson says the regulatory

environment is still complex. “That said, I believe that the government’s digital initiatives are going to be the building blocks that will open up the market and create a great environment for companies like us,” he says.

“One of the biggest barriers to adopting cybersecurity technology is the lack of trust in the infrastructure. We help our clients understand the risks and offer solutions. One of our tasks is to make sure that the Indian market fully understands what we have to offer in terms of global service capability and to integrate all these capabilities, from technology to high-end services, so that we can help people manage the digital transformation smoothly,” he says.

As a seasoned expat, there wasn’t much that surprised him about Bengaluru, with the possible exception of the horrendous traffic. His social circle comprises a mix of Indian and expat friends. He plays squash (he learnt the game in Zambia as a young boy) for a local league team in Bengaluru. He loves the work culture at Fujitsu. “It’s the classical Japanese pursuit of excellence that manifests itself in superb technology. What I’m looking forward to seeing in the future is how the company can be a significant player in the digital era,” he says.