Hexagon Geospatial

Hexagon Geospatial is committed to shaping smart changes in the dynamic processes of the world. The company strives to make the information contained within geospatial data available to users beyond the traditional geospatial market. Traditional remote sensing, geographic information system packages and server solutions help to catalogue and deliver geospatial data efficiently. This helps one understand the past and hence how the present is shaped. But this is not enough. Every asset, every transaction, every change has a location. Organisations across the globe want to tap into this vast reservoir of geospatial data to better understand how it affects their industry, but that can be challenging.

Through Hexagon Geospatial’s web-based solution, one can connect continually updated geospatial data to dynamic information services. This enables the creation of meaningful, simple and easy-to-use applications that provide the insight needed to understand and respond to market changes. Its services are aiming to not only letting one respond, but also being able to plan – anticipating and preparing for the impacts of coming changes. Hexagon Geospatial believes that better visualisation combined with information services is powerful and can be “mission critical” in protecting lives as well as sustaining natural resources.