Escorts Limited – RED expanding its horizon with foreign collaborators and planned investment by 2020

Escorts Limited’s Railway Equipment Division is rapidly expanding its footprint in both domestic and international markets by bringing new products, either indigenously developed or in collaboration with foreign technology partners, in various systems  – automatic door systems, axle-mounted brake systems, bogie-mounted brake systems for freight wagons, electro-pneumatic brake systems for EMU/DEMUs and MRVC coaches, high-end dampers for locomotive and LHB coaches.

Our technology partners are global leaders in their own right, with an impressive lineage and array of supply references across Europe and Southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea. We will not only be able to offer products of international quality but also at competitive prices for the country through in-house innovation, frugal value engineering and global technology partnerships, besides a programme of rapid localisation coupled with buy-back arrangements with our global technology partners supported by a focused operational and manufacturing excellence through IRIS and TPM implementation.

Our aspiration is to grow four times by 2020 with a very healthy and sustainable bottom line.