Tangible Outcome
Progress under the Smart Cities Mission

April 2022

India is increasingly banking on smart technologies to address the country’s urban ex­plosion. This new strategy has allowed the government to use its resources and plan infrastructure development in a more sustainable and effective manner, as […]

Mission Update
SCM progress across segments

April 2022

As part of the Smart Cities Mission (SCM), innovative solutions have been deployed to drive economic growth and improve the quality of life of people. The key se­g­ments of the mission where technology interventions have been […]

Smart Power

April 2021

The Smart Cities Mission (SCM) focuses on building energy efficient urban spaces in order to mitigate the strain on existing infrastructure. Of the overall investment of Rs 2,050 billion envisaged under the mission, Rs 254 […]

Steady Pace

April 2020

One of the most ambitious government programmes for urban renewal and transformation, the Smart Cities Mission (SCM) was envisaged to be implemented through a bottom-up approach instead of a top-down approach that is followed for […]

Energy Transition
Powering cities under the SCM

April 2020

Cities are huge consumers of power, using up to two-thirds of the world’s energy and producing a similar proportion of global carbon emissions. However, digitalisation, smart grids, the electrification of transport, and advancing energy efficient […]

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