Improving Suburban Links

October 2019

Suburban rail systems play a very important role in connecting suburbs to cities, thereby reducing permanent migration and traffic congestion issues in major cities. While suburban rail systems in cities such as Hyderabad, Pune and […]

Rapid Advances
Update on the DFC project

October 2019

Acclaimed as a game changer in India’s rail-based logistics space, the dedicated freight corridor (DFC) project is well on its way to meeting the 2023 deadline. The $12 billion project is expected to free up […]

Digital Initiatives
IR still has a long way to go

October 2018

With increased government focus on digitalisation, Indian Railways (IR) has identified eight key areas for its digital transformation. These are passenger-friendly applications, freight customer convenience, cashless transactions, mobile applications, data analytics, dashboards and alerts, application […]

Regional Connectivity
Update on RRTS for Delhi NCR

October 2018

With growing urbanisation in the National Capital Region (NCR), the city is facing various issues such as unplanned growth, lack of social infrastructure, lack of reliable public transport, congestion on city roads, increased pollution levels, […]

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