Easing Trade
Recent customs facilitation measures

May 2021

The role of customs administration in the global supply chain is evolving at a fast pace, with the international trading ecosystem recognising customs as one of the main pillars of trade facilitation across international borders. […]

Digital Impetus

May 2021

The Covid-19 outbreak has thrown the maritime sector into uncharted waters. The pandemic struck at a time when the sector was already in turbulent waters due to poor domestic performance and disruptions in international trade. […]

Smart Shipping
Indian ports on course to Industry 4.0

May 2021

While the Covid-19 pandemic has severely affected the maritime sector, it has certainly strengthened the case for deploying more technology-based solutions. Technologies that were supposed to be deployed sequentially are now being implemented in parallel. […]

New Avenues

May 2020

In a bid to diversify their portfolio and reduce business risks, Indian ports are exploring smart and sustainable solutions. Increased industrial activity has led to the introduction of a relatively new concept of smart port […]

Future Ready

May 2020

Ports across the world have been the key architects of the intricate international trade supply chains that exist today. These facilities have undergone many changes since their inception. The past decade in particular has witnessed […]


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