IRB bags TOT-12 worth Rs 44.28 billion

The NHAI has granted the IRB Infrastructure trust a letter of award (LoA) for the Lalitpur Lakhnadon NH-44 TOT-12 bundle, valued at Rs 44.28 billion. This project’s acquisition will bolster IRB’s order book by Rs 39 billion, with Rs 6 billion earmarked for EPC projects and the remaining Rs 33 billion dedicated to operation and maintenance (O&M) activities.
The TOT-12 project encompasses tolling, as well as operation and maintenance responsibilities, for a 316 km stretch along the north-south corridor of NH-44. Stretching across 316 km, this significant highway project links Lalitpur to Lakhnadon, connecting Srinagar in the north to Kanyakumari in the south, covering a total of 1,264 km.